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Influencer Marketing is also on the up and up. The only consideration I would be concerned with is that you’re not able to measure your ROI. And if you have limited financial backing, I would suggest extensive research to determine if this is right for your brand. 

Personalised social media advertisements, we can now leverage this trend by directly marketing a product to the consumer. This technology is only getting smarter. 

User-generated content and local targeting through geo-tagging is about engaging with your customers and displaying their content with your product on your social networking platform. It is not a recent development, but one that continues to grow. 

Groups are what brands create for their customer base. For example, Spell and the Gypsy collective have the Spell angels and Spell sisters. It provides Spell with a direct way to engage with their customers. 

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There is a content overload on social networking platforms, and the competition is exceptionally high. It may be challenging for you to stand out. Having a clear social media marketing strategy and staying updated on the latest social media trends can fuel your process, “Making you stand out in the crowd”!

Ephemeral content – this content is available for a short period.  Content formats like stories have become very popular. Peoples attention spans are short, and the way they consume content has changed.

Social commerce has or is becoming a mainstream retail channel, along with a way to manage your customer service interactions.

Videos and Live streaming are and will continue to dominate social media, from short to long. This content is proving to be the future of social media. Customers love real time interactions with their favourite brands and services.

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Northern Rivers Digital has a goal orenitated approached which is reflected how we help you generate the most profit for your business. The involves looking at your business holistically and finding out where you can take the most proactive approach.

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Customized Social Media Strategy

Northern River’s Digital goal-orientated approach makes customising your Social Media Strategy much easier. 

It isn’t just a matter of opening a social networking platform and going for it… there are questions you need to ask. What is the purpose of this? Do I have style guidelines? Which is the right platform for my business? What is my message? What is my customer service response? What is my brand personality? The list goes on!

For a successful Social Media Strategy, there are a lot of questions that need an answer. Where are you at on your Journey to integrating socials with your business?

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Social Media Package

Different Social Media Platformshave different purposes.

For instances, if you decide you would like an active Linkedin platform, it would require you to send through the latest information about your products and services. The process may change according to requirements of platform.

Set- Up Fee



What's Included

$600 Per Month

(Minimum 3 Month Engagement) 

additional Post

$40.00 each

(must be on an exisiting engagement)

What's not inclued

The basic guidelines to a marketing plan. Can you answer these questions?

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