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Servicing ballina, Byron bay, Lismore and Surrounds.

SEM Packages


Business With Ad Budget of
$15 and under per day

$399 per Month
Management Fee

Set-up Fee $149.00


Business With Ad Budget of
$15 - $35 per day

$599 per Month
Management Fee

Set-up Fee $199.00


Business With Ad Budget of
$35 - $55 per day

$799 per Month
Management Fee

Set-up Fee $249.00

Search Engine Marketing Education

engage audiences through Adwords, display ads and remarketing

Increase Customer Enquiries

Google Ads is one of the quickest ways to give your business an online presence. 

When you’re searching google you will notice ads at the top of the screen (please see “Crane Hire Byron” image as an example).

NRD is a qualified google partner. We have been trained by google to ensure we understand how to manage your google adwords account.  NRD Keep your google account on track. Making sure your search results are in aliance with your goals, and your cost per click is down.

If you are looking to increase website traffic, phone calls, or increase store visits, Google ads have a broad range of solutions to help you get found by potential customers.

With our goal-orientated approach, we develop a campaign that is measurable not only by our integrative software but by your increased enquiries.

Ask Us Anything

It depends, if you want to increased you daily spend we can keep the same amount of ads and you won’t receive an increase. However, if you want to add extra ads your monthly charge will increase.

Sometimes Google will give you credit to spend on your AdWords and Display ads. For example, When covid hit, Google provided our client accounts with credit. This means our businesses didn’t have to pay as much for their google ads. Thanks, Google! Because our management fee is independent of your google charge, you never miss out on the bonus credit!

PPC, in other words, Pay Per Click. It’s the opposite of an organic listing (SEO). Google or Bing Ads will display in search results, and if someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged for that click.

The amount charged depends on how much you have bid. I suppose a little like buying stocks.

NRD audits each keyword weekly to ensure you are billed correctly. If we find the keyword’s cost is increasing, we manage that by adjusting the bid strategy and setting a cap on that bid. We further optimised the ad to ensure you don’t miss out on any leads.

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