Hartley's Fresh Market Rebrand


Our journey with Hartley’s Fresh Market has been nothing short of inspiring. We got the chance to experience first-hand their warm community spirit and understood just how much this brand holds dear the wholesome values of the country life. That’s right, we’re talking about the genuine community spirit found in Northern Rivers, and it was this spirit that perfectly resonated with the fervor and principles of our very own designer, Leah Ryan.

So, what’s the scoop?

Well, we’ve refreshed Hartley’s logo, giving it a comforting touch that feels familiar but also excitingly new, to instil that sense of trust among our customers.

Have you ever noticed how the sun fills you with the warmth of fresh days, the joy of casual strolls, and the invigorating scent of fresh air? 


That’s exactly what we tried to capture in our logo! The breezy Hartley’s typography suggests the charm of handmade goods and rustic fences, adding a friendly touch to the sense of freshness. All of this comes together to create an emotional connection with you, highlighting the trust you have in us and our shared passion for freshness.

And we didn’t stop there! We’ve infused the vibrant hues of coastal sunrises and sunsets into our colour scheme, beautifully encapsulating the spirit of hardworking farmers, fresh produce, lively market atmosphere, and trust in consistent pricing.


The Hartley’s brand was reimagined with the business’s future vision in mind.


So remember, “The Sun Rises and Sets with Hartley’s.” Come, be a part of our journey!





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